Opening WebODM files in Blender?


Well, I know this is not a Blender forum – but maybe somebody has got experience in opening and editing WebODM files in Blender. I installed the Photogrammetry Import Export Add-on from Sebastian Bullinger and tried to import the cameras.json file. I got different error messages, depending on the option I used (see screenshot) So, does anybody use Blender and has successfully opened WebODM files with that Add-on? If not, maybe I’m going to send the files to Sebastian for testing.
I could use Blender to make an illustration or animation about how photogrammetry works, for example…



This sounds quite interesting!

No, my only experience with Blender and WebODM products are final products via BlenderGIS or standard OBJ import for visualization.

Yeah, standard OBJ import works, just takes some time…
With the Add-On I could also import the LAZ.
There seem to be many different types of .json files. (See the menu in the screenshot)
If I have some time, I’m going to send the WebODM output to the Add-On developer and I’ll report here, if he has got a solution.


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