OpenDroneMap: The Lost Guide Purchase Inquiry

I’ve been (long) thinking about purchasing the ODM Book (even have it on my Secret Santa wishlist :sunglasses:):

However, I’ve a few questions regarding the purchase.

  1. Without asking you for numbers, is the revenue split from Barnes & Noble for the print/physical copy fair to you? I'm a bit old-school in that if I'm going to actually read something (and not just one-off reference it), I much prefer to have it in-hand to study.
    1A) Following along from the above, does purchasing the physical copy give us access rights to the digital as well?
  2. Is the physical copy’s errata available? Is it markedly different/behind the digital copy?
    2A) Is the digital copy a living work: Do you intend to update/republish it to reflect recent advancements?
    2B) Does purchase of the digital copy give you “update rights” for a new version?
  3. Will the LiveODM+Book bundle come back? Because that was a sweet deal :smiley:
  1. It’s not a secret, revenues from print copies are lower than digital because of the costs involved and the intermediary cut. If you want to help fund the project, the digital purchase is better (but choose whichever format you prefer). You need to purchase the digital copy separately from the paperback.

  2. The erratas are the same. Digital copy is not a living work, but I will release a second edition in both formats, eventually. No, you will need to purchase the second edition.

  3. It’s still there.

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Understood on all points. Just wanted clarification before I made a decision.

Indeed it is. I can’t use a website, it appears. :roll_eyes:

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Btw, can’t recommend QGIS Map Design enough. Awesome book!

A lot of refresher, but a great reference guide for larger topics that come up in map design! I find myself going back to it constantly.

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