OpenDroneMap Monday - 2021-06-21 [Event Signup]

OpenDroneMap Monday - 2021-06-21

I’d like to start having semi-regular (monthly? bi-weekly?) events that go over new things happening in the OpenDroneMap ecosystem, common questions and issues, and surfacing neat community projects, data, and other fun things!

For this first session, I’m thinking of starting very basic:

Event Overview: Times in EST (US/NY)
12:00pm: What is OpenDroneMap? What does it do?
12:10pm: OpenDroneMap Ecosystem
12:20pm: Processing Example (WebODM & ODM CLI)
12:30pm: Community Questions / Feedback / Help

Event Interest/Sign-Up Form:

Event Link:

In the future, I hope to be able to reach out to you all in the community, and with your permission, highlight your contributions and/or invite you on to share!

Event Feedback:
If you have any feedback about OpenDroneMap Monday, please feel free to post it on the forum, PM me, or otherwise reach out so I can address it.


So look forward to these!

Are the times in US Eastern timezone?


Yes -_-

It’s in the event signup, but I forgot to put it here!

Folks, don’t be shy on the feedback. I would like to have this work for everyone, and to do that, I need to hear from everyone :slight_smile:

I also wonder if a sub-forum for this might make sense, so we can pin the weekly invite, and have feedback per invite thread.


How about using the Events category? A different sub-category works too.

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Wonderful. I added a tag for it as well. Thanks, Piero!


I just submitted my email address, but on 2nd thoughts if that is 3am my time, I’ll probably be fast asleep!


I believe we’ll be recording the sessions and uploading them to the OpenDroneMap YouTube, so you won’t miss out entirely!

But thank you for the feedback. I will have to see if I can find a time that works better for everyone, or maybe change my times every other session to make sure I’m giving people a better chance to watch live.

Timezones are fun :rofl:

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Please find the link for the first OpenDroneMap Monday session below:

You’ll need a semi-modern browser (mobile or desktop) or the optional Jitsi Meet clients for Android, iOS, and Electron.


Please find the link for the Feedback form for the first OpenDroneMap Monday session below:
OpenDroneMap Monday Feedback (


Session Recording:


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