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Hi, i’m not sure if this is the right place. Just let me know if I need to move it to somewhere else.

Who is coordinating documentation and translation?
Is there an specific place in the community for discussing and coodinating Documentation efforts?

I am just an end user, and for now this is the only way I think I can contribute.



It’s a big way!

As far as I know, nobody.

I think we just sort of make pull requests with the updated documents to the github.

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Yep, if you want to change/add something… go for it!

For translations you can ask to join a translation effort via


Thank you.

I’m not familiar with github but I’m sure I can learn and use it.

I have already registered in the Transifex site and completed the spanish translation. By the way, some spanish translation reviewers are needed.

Just one more question, is this the rigth place to discuss Documentation contributions? or do I need to move to Feedback/Ideas and proposals?


I think it’s fine to discuss here.

The Spanish translation is much appreciated! That would make it language number 4, I think, and is super close to my heart, as it’s the only language I have achieved any fluency in othe than English.


Same! Though sadly, I lack the technical vocabulary for this, haha.

My wife’s Mexican-Spanish doesn’t help either, because all of the technical terms.


Thank you for your kind words and for giving me the chance to contribute.


@israelbar buenísimo, ¿vas a traducir o a agregar documentación?
En lo que pueda contribuir, estoy a la orden.



Hello all!

@israelbar, a good initiative! they are highly valued documents. If I can help, with the greatest of tastes!

Regards from Colombia!


Hi @ulimaps @tatowem,

Thank you for your support. I want to add the “Stockpile measurement” section in the “Tutorials” chapter. I would be nice if you contribute on this.

Let me know if you are interested.

Gracias por su apoyo. Quiero agregar la sección “Medición de pilas” en el capítulo “Tutoriales”. Sería bueno si contribuyen en esto.

Avísenme si están interesados.



Hello @israelbar!

Of course, I would be happy to help. My experience is short and I am not an expert on the subject, but what I can do, I will be delighted.

I would be grateful if you guide me how I could start. At this moment I am trying to get my degree project. It is focused on the use of free software for UAV image processing. I have found several hiccups (distortion of images, seams, georeferencing, 3D models, etc.) I have made comparison of Ortos-DSM-DTM-Point Clouds between WebODM (NodeODM - NodeMicMac) and Metashape. I have found a lot of support in this community and I would like to thank you (I think this would be a good opportunity).

Without elaborating, I would appreciate, I would seriously appreciate your address.



@ulimaps @tatowem,

I’m thinking on something short but useful. At this point my idea is something like this:

Stockpile Measurement

  • Fieldwork planning
    + Weather
    + wind speed
    + sun location and shadows
    + Flight height and GSD
    + GCPs
  • Processing, and measuring
    + processing parameters
    + Measurement procedures and recommendations
  • Expected accuracy
  • References

This is what I have so far.!AvHdULm25qZYpaVJnSU8levotH1zRw?e=cENjTC


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