OpenDroneMap DEM Improvements


We have some remarkable improvements in the pipeline for digital elevation models. You can check out a teaser of these in this blog post:

Now we need your help! Throw some datasets at the proposed changed version and give us feedback on what works and doesn’t: The pull request for that can be found here:



Orthophoto and 3D distorted in 95% overlap dataset
Point cloud generation noisy

Will be testing in the upcoming days. :+1:

Who else will join the quest and earn eternal glory in the history of ODM?


Got time @adamsteer? :smiley:


yup - been flat out tidying up a workshop for release, and one more job I actually get paid for, then I’ll get into this later this week. MVE was actually on my list of things to hash together outside of ODM. Just reading the PR, I move soooo sloooowly compare to the ROW… :confused:


I built a docker image from @smathermather-cm’s branch, and tested it out briefly. There’s something awry with how PDAL works with the data - the original MVE ply file looks pretty good, but as soon as it’s turned to LAZ or georeferenced there are precision issues. Suspect it’s just a matter of using the correct scale factors - more as soon as my machine finished up a couple of big long jobs and I can throw more imagery at it…