OpenDrone Obj2Tiles Conversion

I have been using Obj2Tiles for converting my 3d models generated using colmap. But i am seeing half the time, tiles conversion just never ends. For example, i had a 2GB model that got converted to tiles in 5 hours but anther 400+mb file its not converting to tiles even after 24 hours.

Does anyone know what i can do differently?
This is model file: - Google Drive

Command I used : Obj2Tiles input_dir/model_name.obj ./output_dir
Obj2Tiles Version: v1.0.11.
Running on Ubuntu Machine

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Sorry for the trouble.

Can you share any console logs you may get and create a ticket on the GitHub for OBJ2Tiles with your system information/etc so we can try and reproduce the issue?

We have created two issues: Obj2Tiles conversion Memory leakage · Issue #34 · OpenDroneMap/Obj2Tiles · GitHub and Obj2Tiles conversion taking more than 24 hours for 400MB+ file · Issue #33 · OpenDroneMap/Obj2Tiles · GitHub

We are observing either tiles conversion takes extremely too long or it consumes entire memory of system (100GB+) and exits with OOM error.

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