Only execute one NodeODM when executing one task

According to the instructions on the Cluster GitHub homepage, I deployed 2 NodeODMs and 1 ClusterODM in the Docker of the two PCs. When I added the task running on the homepage displayed by the ClusterODM, the task can run normally, but only one NodeODM is executing. How can two NodeODMs perform the same task at the same time? Thank you!

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Set the --split option when processing a task.


Thank you,But when I use --split, the submodel does not seem to be executed, I found this in the log: [WARNING] LRE: submodel_0001 failed with: Task limit reached

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Are you sure that both nodes are connected to your cluster. from your errorI would assume that you’re running ClusterODM and NodeODM on one computer and that cluster is forwarding your tasks to the Node on that computer for ‘local processing’. While this is going on your 2nd computer’s node is probably not connected to your cluster, otherwise you might be seeing a remote task limit error for submodel_0001. Make sure that your nodes are connected via telnet.


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