One texture file

Webodm seems to generate hundreds of little texture files. Other photogrammetry applications I am familiar with (e.g. Meshroom), usually will have a single texture file.
For various reasons we would like to use a single texture file for our 3D models. Is it possible to do this within ODM without going to another application like Blender (perhaps a setting?).

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No, not at current. We used to generate a single large texture file, but it was causing issues with display for folks, so we now use this method to ensure wider compatibility.

Unfortunately, it looks like VTK does not support this type of multi-texture files for some reason (Here is a some context from the latest Slicer project week, where we looked into this).

GIven that you used to do it, would it be possible to expose this as an option (i.e., default continues to be multiple files, but if requested a single texture is file generated).

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Can’t speak to that, but I’m certain that a pull request enabling this would be well-received.

This is where we changed the behavior:

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