Older versions of python

I have som errors in my console about there is som newer python and also pip. I have upgrade them to the latest versions, but somehow older versions are loaded when I start WebODM. Are those older versions needed by WebODM? Or can I just uninstall?

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Which version of WebODM are you using, and on what platform?

im running WebODM 1.9.11 on Linux mint 20.3

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Have you installed using Docker, or the native install instructions?

I have Docker version 20.10.12, build e91ed57

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We ship a version of python/pip within our distribution of WebODM, but your host OS (Linux Mint) will also ship its own.

You should not try to modify the Docker environment (images) that we ship as we’re testing and building against specific versions of the different components, Python included. One of the core benefits of the containerization of things like Docker is that they don’t rely upon what ships in the host OS, and makes the Dockerized environment stable and separate from the host OS.

If you are curious which program you’re running, you can always type this in the terminal:

which programname

So, to see what/where your Python is running from, you’d type:

which python
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my outcome are /usr/bin/python

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is there a way to set latest python?

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We have not evaluated more recent Python runtimes within WebODM, to my knowledge. I would just ignore the info messages printed to the console when launching WebODM about things like Python/Pip :slight_smile:

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thank you kindly for answers Saijin.

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Any time! I’m working on testing out newer dependencies, but my builds are all failing so don’t count on anything from me that way for a while yet :rofl:

you are all doing a great work, and supernice community <B


Thanks for that! I wish you lots of success :slight_smile:

And show off some stuff when you get a chance!


Surething i do that when temperature outside permits a good set of images and a nice 3d build for ya.


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