Ohio North SPC ... EPSG:3753

If I were to use Ohio North State Plane Coordinates in GCP Pro(of course with Easting before Northing), for control point designations, will EPSG:3753, be the default units in WebODM?

I looked, but I found no command for the coordinate system, and until lately, I have never used Control points.

Also, if anyone knows, how is “error”, on control points derived?

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No GCP Pro converts your EPSG: 3753 to the appropriate WGS 84 UTM zone, which for most of Ohio is WGS84 UTM 17 N, which I think is EPSG:32617. ODM performs all calculations using the local UTM zone. It’s standard output is in WGS84 UTM. To get the output in another projection, go to the View Map screen of WebODM. there is a button in the upper right hand corner, it’s the Layers button. You can re-project and export the orthos or dems and into EPSG 3753. It will re-project and download. :+1:

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I have not been able to get QGIS up and running … it’s downloaded and setup has been run, but I’m stuck upon trying to run it.

My present project, is the first time I have used GCPPro to run the project in East, North,Elev, etc,etc,etc. sometime last night WebODM stopped with this error(uploaded) …
TOMS BASE SQ11e_02172023_081415
On restart WebODM appears to be “resuming”, the program.

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