Oh My Word.. Hello!

Blimey, I’ve overloaded on info just from browsing through the forum!
I’m 49, live in the UK, have just recently bought my first drone, E2Pro-6K, and am thoroughly enjoying it, I’m seeing the area I’ve lived in for years from a whole new perspective… it’s actually given me a new lease of life!

I’d like to ask what version of ODM works the best? Mac or Win10? I’m on an iMac that can run a full Windows10 in VMWare.
I’d like to go with the Mac version of ODM as I’m familiar with the OS, but I’d like to ask if there are any inherent pitfalls or bonuses to either version?

Thanks for any advice, I’m don’t speak Techlish very well, by the way!



The installation on Mac is much smoother (just make sure it’s an Intel Mac, we don’t have support for M1 yet).


Thanks Pierotofy, yes Intel. Thank you.

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