I’m planing to do a windows app with pre- and post-calculations for photogrammetry and especially for ODM.

Can I call it “ODMtools”?

The functions it will contain:
Movement at a shutter with specified travel
Matching neighbours calculated from chosen overlap and constraint.
Image grouping for split-merge

Probably more stuff from my excel documents.

It will take time though, the time between work and being a parent.

Suggestions is welcome.

In order to avoid confusion, it might be better to not include the “ODM” prefix to the name (also in accordance with OpenDroneMap’s trademark policy).

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What about “ToolsForODM”?

Just don’t include “ODM” in the name.


But I would like to have a connection to ODM as it will be a help app for ODM.


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Once the tools have gained sufficient adoption apply here: OpenDroneMap Project Application

At that point the use of “ODM” in the name of the program could be done.


Piero is the trademark keeper, so he can correct me, but I think ToolsForDroneMapping or Tools4DroneMapping would not violate the trademark and if you got momentum behind it and becomes official through the process Piero describes, changing the name to Tools4ODM or similar would be a natural transition at that time.


Okay I get it.

I’ll be back!

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