ODM with RedEdge-Altum


After tested RedEdge-MX with ODM, the results were really good. However, trying to use ODM with Altum, it gives an error with thermal images (sfm can’t find features with *_6.tif band). What is the best approach to solve this issue?


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Thermal images are not fully supported (yet) in ODM.

What’s the size of your thermal images? If they are too small, OpenSfM likely cannot detect features.

Thanks for your answer @pierotofy. The dataset from RedEdge-Altum is 160x120 in thermal images and 1280x960 in other bands (blue, green, red, nir and rededge). I guess the problem is that the thermal has a low resolution to work with ODM. Maybe Flir with 640x480 will get better results? Or someone is working with this “issue”?

It’s not feasible to extract meaningful features from this resolution. So it makes sense it’s failing.

I’m unsure of what would need to be done to get bands like this processed, but as-is ODM is not going to be able to process it. Work to improve this is needed (we’d welcome contributions).

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