ODM / WebODM Updates

This feels like something I should already know, but I don’t so I’ll post here.

WebODM and ODM itself are being updated at such an impressive rate I’m having trouble keeping up.

To pick up the latest ODM update (say, from 2.1.0 to 2.1.1) do I need to update the ODM docker container specifically, or does “./webodm.sh update” take care of it?

I am currently running both of these updates every time I see a new update announced, which I suspect is unnecessary but it seems to be a working compensation for my ignorance :sweat_smile:

Update WebODM
$ ./webodm.sh stop
$ ./webodm.sh update
$ ./webodm.sh start

Update ODM
$ docker pull opendronemap/odm

Do I actually need the second bit (“Update ODM”) ?

To confirm I have the latest versions of things, my process is:

Step 1: Update things (as above)

Step 2: Get WebODM version via WebODM → Diagnostic → App Version

Step 3: Get ODM version via WebODM → Processing Nodes → node-odm-1 → Engine Version

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I believe the WebODM update will do the trick. That’s how I handle it and it seems to work.

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Yes a WebODM update will take care of updating the ODM engine. :+1:

So no need for the pull command.


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