ODM vs Webodm lightning what is the difference

I just got the Email about Webodm lightning and installed it on my pc and it appears to be an app where the images are uploaded to a server. I have been usiong ODM for a year and I like the fact that I can create maps on my own system. Is this an indication that lightning is going to replace ODM?

Think of them as complementary products. One does not replace the other, much like how some might opt to use a cloud backup provider over rolling their own RAID NAS.

WebODM Lighting is an optional paid/hosted service (built on ODM) for those who can not or will not run ODM locally. There are a myriad reasons why someone might prefer one over the other.

In terms of the project, UAV4Geo uses Lightning revenue to improve the whole OpenDroneMap stack, ODM included.

I rather like it, myself.


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