ODM to create *.jgw files to each *jpg

Hi Everyone!

I’d like to create for each *jpg file in images directory a *.jgw file correspondent in the format:

# X-cell size
# rotation (usually 0)
# rotation (usually 0)
# Y-cell size (always negative)
# Upper left X
# Upper left Y

Based in /project/opensfm/exif maybe process some modification in *exif files

How can I use ODM for it?

Please any help with it?





Normally something like GDAL or QGIS would be the best tool for generating JPGW files.

Have you checked them out?

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The perspective projection of a photograph is not a map projection, so it is not possible to georeference it in that way without warping the image.

The QGIS raster georeferencer includes the transformation equations for a perspective projection which allows modifying the image and georeferencing it based on 4 control points. Which you must calculate for each image.

It should be possible to build the same equations in a Python script and send GDAL the parameters to do the warping and georeferencing. Instead of control points, it should be possible to use exif tags (the focal length, field of view and/or image size are required, as well as the location in three dimensions and the three associated rotations) to calculate the position in the ellipsoid of the four vertices of the image.

Although this would not include orthorectification, and since GDAL is included in ODM, I think a warped and georeferenced set of images could be generated.

I am also interested in this functionality. I’m far from having the time currently available to do it, but I think it’s likely that a script that does this transformation already exists and it’s just a matter of finding it.


This tool could do it :


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