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I recently found about ODM and want to try it out and also wants to contribute. I tried as per this readme section for developers https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/ODM#developers to get ODM up and running but I encountered No space left on the device error. Generally when you first build the image as per the readme how much space is needed? Is there is another way to build ODM?what are the pre-requisites?

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Hey @jeffin :hand: !

You need more memory allocated to docker. At least 10GB if you make your own build (you might be able to get away with less, but be prepared for lots of manual cleanup every other day).

From a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 installation you should be able to simply run bash configure.sh install.


@pierotofy Thank you for the reply. Currently, I’m not running ubuntu so the first option will be better right ? Also is there anything regarding the workflow of ODM for starters something like that ? :smile:

Yeah definitely use docker. I’m on Arch Linux, so I use docker too for daily development.

This one is a bit dated, but perhaps can be of help Where can I find background information on the concepts of ODM? - #2 by pierotofy


Thank you for your reply. I’m currently trying to understand the basic workflow of ODM like where does it start etc.I’ve successfully managed to run the docker and currently get familiarize with ODM. Do you have any warnings or suggestions like how the execution goes, where is the index point etc? I’m also little confused because now I’m inside a docker, how do we experiment with the code? Like we can’t open a text editor inside docker right. So I’m a little confused. Sorry if it’s a dumb question, it’s because I’ve never worked with docker

If you’re on Linux just launch the start-dev-env.sh script. Then you can make changes to the files outside of docker.

Otherwise you need to mount a docker volume (see the docker docs or the contents of the script to see how to do that).

Developing inside docker using vim is also an option (though not my favorite).


Nothing about using VIM is my favorite, except maybe that it forces me to reboot my computers :rofl:

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