ODM Installation issues

I was able to get docker and Git installed. Something went wrong during commands, I did hit a ctrl C for copy instead and then tried to redo the commands to get it working again. When I did that i was getting notices about super user stuff not recommended and such. ODM never finished or opened, what do I do now? I was going to uninstall and restart, but not quite sure how so figured I better ask for help.
I tried doing this following the instructions and a video I found.

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Sorry for the trouble! Could you please start with giving me a bit more information about your system?

For instance:

  1. Operating System and Version
    eg: Windows 11, MacOS 12.4, Ubuntu Linux 22.04LTS, etc…
  2. Hardware Specifications
    eg: 32GB RAM, i7-6700k, NVIDIA GTX 1050TI OC, 1TB SSD, etc…
  3. WebODM Install Method
    eg: Native installer, Docker, Snap, GitHub download, compiled from source
  4. WebODM/ODM Version
    eg: WebODM v1.9.14 Build 64, ODM v2.8.7, etc…
  5. Procesing Node
    eg: Automatic, Lightning, local (node-odm-1), etc…
  6. Screenshots demonstrating the issue/behavior/error messages

hello, and thx.
I’m using Windows 10 pro.
Intel Xeon CPU E3-1505M v5 @ 2.8Ghz 2.81 Ghz
16 GB Ram
I tried to save the $57 and installed docker, no issues then Git. I believe it’s processing local (node-odm-1) because i looked for files and saw that. I can’t adjust settings in docker as it tells me to set them in WSL 2 backend. I tried to click out of that and then i would get errors from docker…
WebODM isn’t coming up at all, no version seems to be installing. I get a long list of PIDS ni the Git. i was trying to get a snap shot but it won’t paste. its like the Git isn’t working right. Should i delete the folder and try to download again? delete everything and just pay to download? it just stays on PIDs in the git no error messages anymore.

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I might have fixed it. I can see webodm from the internet. created log in and dashboard and all that is there. Can we only use from the web? should there be an icon as well on the desktop? Or do i save a website link to use it?

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You’d make your own shortcut. We automate all of that in the native build, but yes, pinning a tab, making a shortcut, etc is the normal workflow for a Docker deploy.

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