ODM install while using Sentera's Stitching Service

Hello everyone, i am using Sentera’s Field Agent Stitching Service for Ag work which is built in ODM. Can i still install WebODM in my system for other prosessing? i only need to know if i can do it even if i have to pay for webODM. Thank you!!

I don’t see why you couldn’t. Try it and let us know if it works?

Thanks for your response! im a newbie too so i have many questions about it. I want to try the tech install so im going for it. But one the first of many questions about it will be this one:

When installed the Stitching Service in Sentera’s FieldAgent, it asked me to install docker and the software did it automatically. ODM installation requires docker too but following the instructions i dont know if theres another version of docker that i have to install, it ask me to work on Docker quickstart but i dont find it in my system. I think the version of docker im using is the enterprise edition. As shown below:

really appreciatte your response, thank you!!!

You don’t need a separate version of docker. If in doubt, you could consider supporting our project with an installer purchase which will take care of all dependencies for you. https://www.opendronemap.org/webodm/download/

I will thank you!

How do you like the Stitching Service? Considering it. Already a Web ODM user but open to trying new things. I have a Sentera 6x sensor.