ODM for coastal erosion control in West Africa

I personally use webodm to process maps after taking all the images with dji drones.

for flights I use litchi to plan missions and fly the drone. for flight management I use airdata uav. airdata is useful for collecting data on your lfights but also your equipment, however there are many choices out there that will do the same thing. sounds like a fun project…

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Can you read the docker log to see if it gives you any details?

Here are 3 screns from my docker on my modest Dell laptop

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Have you updated your docker and webodm recently?

Docker recently changed how they do hostnames, so your node needs to be named like this:


Check this thread, it can give you ideas, but you have to manually enter the flight routes through waypoints, programming the speed and the time of the automatic shot you can make orthophotos, ask the forum the dimensions of the corridors, the height and speed, depending on of the surface to be photographed and the type of camera of the dji air s2. Brand new drone owner (DJI Mavic Air 2) interesting in hobby photogrammerty / mapping - #6 by ricardoarce

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