ODM for coastal erosion control in West Africa

We are experimenting with erosion control techniques on sandy coasts in Senegal. We use ODM to take stock of the foreshore situation before, after the work.
we explore the possibilities of ODM to represent the shapes and the vomits of sediments, their displacement in order to improve the works we build.
We would like to exchange on the best way to manage the flights, to capture images and to produce the 2D and 3D images.



Sounds like fascinating and important work!

Why don’t you start by telling us how you currently do things and maybe folks will have some ideas that may help!

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Thanks Saijin, I am preparing a mission on the island we have already worked. I am a beginner in ODM. I have installed it on my PC, that was not so easy… and I am now looking for information about flight planning… How to automatize the flight and obtained correct overlapping views. The beach are rather flat, no buildings, but trees… Th purpose is to represent the sand… So I suppose it is simpler than architecture which requires 45° views…


See these four blogs by Stephen Mather (smathermather-cm) for some great guidance on flight planning:

Also, depending upon your sUAS platform, there may be a bunch of different Flight Planning apps that may help you as well.

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As SUAS platform I will choose DJI Air 2S which is less expensive but with a good camera and using gallileo satellite for the GPS

Self calibration OK . But how to pilot the drone so that the pictures cover the right zone. Is there Ă  programme like the one in Drone deploy whiche automatize the flight plan ?

Until DJI releases the SDK supporting the Air 2S, no waypoint/survey capability in anything outside of the DJI app (which as far as I know does not support mission planning for this platform).

Capturing manually is incredibly difficult. If this is what you plan to do, I would advise you to select a different sUAS.

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DJI commercialize DJI GS pro for flight plans. There is a free trial period
An other option is Dronedeploy which includes the whole process from flight plan to map
A good suite edited in France is PIX4D
I wonder why ODM does not suggest an issue for flight planning as it is the beginning

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We’d love to have a flight planner, but time and resources have prevented it so far, and plenty of FOSS and freemium tools exist already. Still, a flight planner would be a valuable addition to the ecosystem.


And you’ve verified that all of those support your Air 2S? Again, I do not believe DJI have released their SDK so 3rd party support isn’t possible until that happens.

DJI GS Pro does not support your platform yet, either. Please be careful in selecting your sUAS.

As for a Flight Planning software, one in-built would be interesting for sure.

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OK, many thanks, i will check but I have seen a presentation with DJI Air 2S + DroneDeploy . It looks like working perfectly

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Double-check, because they are not listing it as supported for Flight Planning.

Recommended and Supported Drones (dronedeploy.com)

Again, until DJI releases the SDK, nobody but DJI can support Flight Planning on one of their sUAS.

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I checked. The 20 th of july SDK is possible for the mini mavik DJI

It’s in French

But that is not the Air 2 S. The SDK is specific to a single sUAS unless otherwise noted.

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OK…I will check that…
Have a look at the bottom on this page, … PIX 4 D is mentionned as using the SDK DJI
Developer - DJI Enterprise

It’s a confusing ecosystem for sure: I bought a DJI mini before it could be controlled with a flight planner myself.

To flight plan on a DJI, generally:

  • The software needs to support using the SDK
  • The sdk needs to support the drone

If either of those isn’t true, then you can’t fly until both are true. In your case, DJI hasn’t released support for your drone, so you’ll either need to fly manually (which can be quite difficult to do well enough to get good data), or you need a different drone.


And may be it’s because DJI mini has no memory…
I found the list of Dji drones compatible with PX4D mapper

In this ecosystem, PIX 4D seems to be complementary with ODM… assumed that you have an SDK supported drone … ie DJI Mavic Air 2 or Mavic pro…

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Finally I have found the ANAFI from PARROT. With PIX 4D Capture I can planify the missions.and it works properly for a reasonable price !
Now I am coping with ODM … Every time I restart my machine The node is disconnected and I cannot reconnect it, I have tried to create a new node but I don’t know which port to fix,

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I hope you enjoy!

How do you have ODM installed?

I have installed Git, Python, docker, ODM. I use to launch WebODM from Docker…
I have succeded to create a new node by entring the same port as the node odm-1 which has been created automaticaly at the beginning.
I don’t understand how to choose the right port.

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