ODM doesn't work in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - Error not found "file"

I have installed ODM in the new realese of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, i have this ERROR: Not Found

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Sorry for the trouble! Could you please start with giving me a bit more information about your system?

For instance:

  1. Hardware Specifications
    eg: 32GB RAM, i7-6700k, NVIDIA GTX 1050TI OC, 1TB SSD, etc…
  2. WebODM Install Method
    eg: Native installer, Docker, Snap, GitHub download, compiled from source
  3. WebODM/ODM Version
    eg: WebODM v1.9.12 Build 55, ODM v2.8.0, etc…
  4. Procesing Node
    eg: Automatic, Lightning, local (node-odm-1), etc…

I’ve been running WebODM on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS for a few months now.
I think I’ve come across a similar error before - I had deleted the task using the NodeODM Web UI and that error came up in the WebODM UI.
I don’t know if you’ve done the same thing I did, just trying to be helpful!


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