ODM does not processing all images

We have processed a large number of images with ODM but now we are having the following problem:
When we upload the photos the program only processes a part and does not generate the complete orthomosaic, we have changed some parameters but it continues without working.

We are using ODM forest parameters

Could you please give us an idea of what may be happening?

In this link you can viw the images: Dropbox - ODM - Simplify your life

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I have seen something similar without forest params. what was the altitude and overlap of your flight profile?

The below is for relatively low altitude of ~60m.


The alitude was 150m

overlap 73% in both directions

Increasing feature count will likely help: this is a common challenge over agricultural fields. Try setting --min-num-features to 20,000.

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I will trait that. Thank you

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I used 20000 without too much effect.
incidentally what is the dem-terrain-type: ComplexForest ? I saw it on the yaml with any comments. is it a on/off switch? what is different when this is turned on are there other options to the terrain type?