ODM Docs Version #

Hiya, I just created a very small pull request for the ODM docs repo, to dip a toe in the pool. What’s the intent behind the version # (0.6) that’s displayed on the left side at https://docs.opendronemap.org/ ? I believe it’s set in conf.py

Is that an independed docs version #, or is it meant to match the current release of ODM?

(Also, is it better to ask this kind of thing over on gitter?)

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Thanks for the contribution! :clap:

Actually that needs to be updated; I think at some point the idea was to have documentation for the various releases, but for a while we’ve been more on a “rolling release” method, so the documentation version should match the current master (which is 0.9.8). It needs to be updated (not entirely sure from where, @smathermather-cm might know).


It’s probably set in conf.py… .

Updated to version 0.9.8 (it was indeed in conf.py)… https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/docs/pull/39

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