ODM Docs Updates

Hey, quick heads-up to the community that a re-work of the ODM docs is underway. I am working with India on these updates, and Stephen is in the loop.

Our current working outline is here. If anyone has feedback or suggestions, please respond here or reach out to us individually.

Dan Joseph - we are trying to tread lightly with all the recent translations!

(Hm, I can’t @ people here anymore…? Just me?)


Nop, I’ve turned tagging off time ago. Send a PM if you need a person’s attention directly?

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OK, mystery solved. No problem!


This is great!
I’m sure this will help integrate new contributions.

I have an idea, but I’m not sure of how it will impact translations in transifex. This will be just fun, count me in for the spanish translation.


There is a branch in the main docs repo called “2021-updates” which contains the working updates. Limited progress so far, but thank you Piero for monitoring and continuing to keep it up to date from the ‘publish’ branch.


Awesome awesome!

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