ODM 3.0.1 Altitude Data

I’ve been flying a progression site with same control for several months. With 3.0.1 I’ve noticed that my DSM results are reflecting the ellipsoid height and not the geoid offset height in my dataset despite all input dataset photos having the correction. Has anyone else noticed the same?

Below are the relevant EXIF fields for one image that has the geoid offset correction (2600m).

EXIF GPS Altitude Ref Above Sea Level
EXIF GPS Altitude 2600.618 m
EXIF GPS Status Measurement Active
EXIF GPS Map Datum WGS-84
XMP Gps Status RTK
XMP Absolute Altitude +2586.970
XMP Relative Altitude +82.238
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Is this with or without GCPs/geo.txt?

No GCPs, RTK with a local base station on the project bench mark. I have a couple of checkpoints for vefifucation.

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So are the correct heights in the XMP or EXIF metadata fields?

The correct height is in the EXIF field.


ODM gives priority to XMP altitude whenever available: ODM/photo.py at master · OpenDroneMap/ODM · GitHub


Okay great, that means something changed in my preprocessing and this is just a coincidence in ODM. Thanks for pointing that out!


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