Observer User and results view

Hello and thanks for the task you are doing.

I have a question.

1- Is it possible to create a new user but without any processing permission?
I want a user only capable to see some of the projects that I have done, but only the results and the exporting options.
I’ve seen the sharing option has only this limited options, could it be a user login option?

I have WebODM installed on a VM instance on Google Cloud.

3- Is there a posibility to see the 3D (las, obj) in a 3D globe with a terrain basemap, like cesium does?

Would be good to have the results in the display like terriajs that we could add wms and additional data to the results.

I’ve seen the temporal json and shp upload option but is there an option to create lines, polygons and points to 2D map and upload other layers and be able to share them using the sharing option or with this new observer profile?


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Hello snicart,

for your first question:
yes you can create users and groups here and give access rights (it’s in german but you can guess where it is)

and assign them to the project here:

to be completely honest with you, I didn’t really test it but it should be available when you share the link to your webodm instance

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  1. Yes, you just have to tune carefully in the Administration section as daniel pointed out.
  2. Sharing is meant for LAN (Local Area Network) usage, so inside a particular network not to machines outside of this network. In an office setting this makes sense.
  3. Not currently in our product. You could try making a 3D Scene in QGIS or using Cesium Ion if you’re familiar with that already.
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