Oblige images and FOV…

I recently made an error with setting some degrees of nadir, I just looked at the camera FOV and didn’t realise that it doesn’t apply on the hight of the image and not really to the width ether. The FOV applies to the diagonal only, it’s a bit cut on the width and more on the hight.

So with a Mavic 2 Pro I have about 70 degrees on the width and 51 on the hight.

When flying a cross pattern I actually do not need to have the camera some degrees from nadir, because the width is already cover about 10 degrees more than the hight.

What do you think?

The tilt isn’t for the sake of overlap but to improve camera calibration, doubly important with rolling shutter cameras (camera calibration can compensate somewhat for rolling shutter even though we don’t have a formal rolling shutter solution).

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The drone stopes at every photo so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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