Nothing in Progress Bar or Task Output window

I reset the Docker machine to factory defaults, thus deleting all data and settings. I then ran the update on WebODM again (just for good measure). I reset the memory and CPU usage in the Docker settings. I then started WebODM and it ran through the setup process as if I’d never installed it before. Long story short, the progress bar is working and there is a log-file showing in the text window again.

There is no indication of progress in the progress bar (It does say “Running”) and no log output to the task output window. The laptop sounds as if its processing, but no other indications.

I’m hoping this is a quick and easy answer from one more experienced than I. This is the first dataset that I’ve tried to process since running the WebODM update. I processed a dataset several days ago (before I updated) that completed with no troubles.

Hoping this is a quick fix. If not, I’ll try and gather more information to diagnose the problem.

Thanks everyone for your time!


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