"not enough memory"

Hello, I recently installed WebODM, and it was working smoothly yesterday. However, I am having issues creating a 3D model today. I got this error “not enough memory”
The main thing that’s troubling me is that it was working fine yesterday.
Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 5.08.59 PM

I have a 2020 13" M1 Macbook Pro
196 Gb storage available
16 Gb RAM
Apple M1 chip

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Have your processing parameters changed at all?

Have you made sure that nothing extra is running, or that you’ve done a reboot? I wonder if today some RAM has yet to be released compared to yesterday…

How do I know if processing parameters have changed (if you’re talking about the processing nodes, I had it set to auto yesterday as well)

By nothing extra is running, do you mean on my computer in general? like close other applications? I’ll try closing other apps and try again.

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By processing parameters, I mean the things by Options, such as mesh-octree-depth: 12 etc.

And yeah, other running programs. Browsers are massive memory hogs, especially anything Chromium-based.

For example, sitting idle, this is my machine:


So right out of the gate, I’m down like 1/3rd my memory.

I think I got the issue resolved. Turns out my computer can’t handle if I choose not to resize the images. Do you know what resize I should choose for a detailed model?

I used a drone images for a model, but it looks like this.Screen_Shot_2021-11-28_at_9.02.22_PM

This is resized to 1024 px, do you have any advice as to what settings I should tweak? (I know this is a totally different problem than what I asked originally)

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Did you set the memory high enough in Docker’s Resources settings?

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Mmm… I’m not sure how far you can push before it will Out-Of-Memory, but I’d look at --feature-quality and --pc-quality primarily to start.

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I have it set to 2 gigs right now, what would you recommend?

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System Memory minus 4GB (12GB), and this is going to be slim so you really should not be running anything else on this machine while processing.

You might be able to run without Image Resizing, too.

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