Not all images are processing

Has there been a resolution to this problem? I have been processing images with no issues. Today when flew the same mission (looking at phenology) it appears half the images are not processing. When I look at the camera in layers (under view map) it appears only half the images have been processed although when uploading the program indicates all 116 images have been uploaded. I also notice that the processing time is about half of the previous identical flight mission. The first mission shows an area of 38423 m squared on the second flight (the one that will not fully load it shows 28874 m squared. I have looked at the log files and do not see any issues. Any ideas before I go back to re-fly mission to see it that was the problem? I am running WebODM version 1.9.12


What are your processing parameters?

Can you share a representative image from both flights?

Any seasonality effects? Scene lighting effects?

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Chart-House-3-25-2022-report.pdf (7.0 MB)

WCIF-FM-Melbourne-4-6-2022-report.pdf (6.2 MB)

I have uploaded pictures and quality reports. Although the file names are different I used the identical flight mission protocols in Drone Deploy mission planner. If you see anything pleases let me know.


Water is difficult since it is highly spectral and finding good tiepoints can be a challenge.

Can you post your full processing parameters?

Also, what was your flightplan configured for in regards to overlap and sidelap? For future missions over water, increasing your overlap to the highest supported should help a lot and will only cost you a bit more storage and processing time.

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Thanks for the quick response, Saijin. Not sure what you mean by full processing parameters. Please let me know.

I do agree water is homogenous in nature making it more difficult to stitch images.

So, after flying again yesterday I had a similar problem but this time it processed about 80% of the images. In that vein, I did check on overlap. Currently, it is set to:

Front overlay 75%

Side overlap to 70%

Flight speed 11 mph

I am changing to:

front overlap 80%

Side overlap: 75%

Flight speed 11 mph (unchanged)

I did fly this mission. Even with increased over lap still some issues.

Do you have any other recommendations on flight plan adjustments? May camera settings?

. Thanks

Jim Fletcher


Processing Parameters are the words next to Options that describe the paramters you’ve tuned for reconstruction.

Please try pushing frontal overlap as high as your platform will let you. I don’t have a number since every platform is different, just move the slider or whatever until it tells you no thanks, haha. I was able to achieve 92% on my 3DR Solo, for instance, at 25MPH.

Side overlap might help, but that can be tricky to balance with your survey area and air-time.

As for the camera, a circular polarizer might help reduce some of the reflections off the water, but I’m not sure if your platform will accomodate such.

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Thanks Saijin

I will adjust the front overlap as high as I can and see what happens.

The processing parameters were : auto-boundary:true, dsm:true. I did also try a high resolution which did not appear to make a difference. Parameters were: auto-boundary:true, dsm:true, pc-quality:high, dem-resolution:2.0, orthophoto-resolution:2.0



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If your computer can handle it, you can also try raising a few quality parameters:
–min-num-features 64000
–feature-quality ultra
–matcher-neighbors 32


I could not make it work with those parameters. I did lower them to
-min-num-features 32000
-feature quality-high

It did run with those. Below is the stitched picture with the overlay of camera shots. It is the center image. You can see the discrepancy. Not sure if this is fixable or not when doing water. This is the problem I have been having.

As always thanks for your help

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Water is tough…

Are you able to share this dataset?

I might be able to try locally at ultra.

I would be glad to share. How would you like me to do that?

Thanks you for going above and beyond!!!


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We have with 2GB free storage, or anywhere you have enough storage space that is convenient for you.


I have created an account at DroneDB and uploaded images. I have not used DroneDB before so I am not sure how to share it with you except to make it public. If you can access account on your end the user name is jhfr59. I was unaware of DroneDB. Looks like a great way to share. You guys are doing some great stuff.



So, when you view your dataset on DroneDB, you’ll have a URL on the top that you can share.

It will look something like mine:


So for clarification, in the future if I share a folder it is in the public domain. It cannot be shared to select individuals like a google file?


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So currently we only have Public and Private sharing options, but nothing like a restricted URL with approval like Google Drive, no.

The link to pics is:

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Thanks for the link! Looks like you have it set to Private.

try it now

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Looking at the dataset, you have a lot of images with a good amount of spectral areas (strong highlights of the sun on the water) and little scene detail (mostly black/brown water). These are likely the images that were not able to be added to the reconstruction, as some of the other images have texture to them since you can see the features beneath the water.