Northern California newguy

Hey All,

I’m from California currently working for an agricultural startup focused around multispectral imagery. I’m looking forward to talking with the community. I’d like to get some projects through WebODM via docker over windows. Currently using Pix4d but trying out new options since its pricey.



If you’re on Windows 10 1903+, you can use WSL2 with OpenDroneMap quite nicely.


Welcome. UCANR DroneCamp is a great event in your area, if you’re into drones & ag. It’s usually in person but it was virtual this year. Probably virtual again in 2021, if I had to guess.


Nice! Thanks for the link, I’ll look into that this upcoming summer. Hopefully COVID will be less of an issue then but who knows.

Thanks! I’m not very technically inclined (at least yet!) when it comes to WSL2 and Linux in general. Is WSL2 available in docker and what are its advantages vs WSL? Thanks

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