Nodos de procesamiento

I just downloaded Opendronemap and when I try to download pics the program says there is not Processing Nodes, and I don’t know how to activate or where to get the nodes to run the program. Can anyone help me please?


Sorry you’re having trouble.

What platform are you on, and how did you download/install it? Can you link to the exact instructions you followed?

I just followed the instructions and I’m using a Mac with Intel, should I desinstall and install it against?

Which instructions?
Did you get WebODM Manager from UAV4Geo as a purchase?

Yes I install Docker too

I went to Lighting Networks and I’m using a processing nodo from there, but it says Max images count exceeded. and its only 279 photos

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Do you have sufficient credits to process more images?

You can check your credit balance by logging into:

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