NodeMICMAC Error

Hello all! I’m trying to get NodeMICMAC to work, I’m using OpenDroneMap on a Windows 10 machine via WebODM Manager.

When I try to run a job through NodeMICMAC using a GCP file, the job fails and I notice this message at the end of the output log:

Sorry, the following FATAL ERROR happened:

Any way i can fix this?

Post the whole log.
How much photos are in the dataset?
How much is your overlap?

Here’s a link to the output log, but it says it’s truncated at 500 lines.

I have 525 photos, with around 80% overlap if memory serves.

In general the error means no/not enough tie points.
Some pictures are not connected to data set or they are blury or horizon/sky is visible.
DJI_0382.JPG is in question on your log.

You could try to delete it.Then its possible to pop-up more unconnected , so you could wipe them and restart

Or try to pass -1 to resize option in order to use full resolution images in tie point stage.(increase computation time greatly)

Just in case try it without GCP.
Post your findings.

OK. So it still isn’t working but I have made a little bit of progress.

Silly me deleted my original job by mistake. I’m running a few different photo sets through NodeMICMAC now, taken at different locations. I have discovered that one of the sets had bad photos in it, though i’m not sure if it’s the one I ran originally.

changing the resize option to -1 seems to help - the job does take much longer, but I can see in the output log that there are more points and matches being found. It also seems to run fine without a GCP file.

unfortunately, the job still crashed, this time with a different error message. Here’s the full log, not truncated this time:

Oh! For some reason another job I queued up with different photos (but taken using the same drone) worked! This job had no GCP and resize-to set to -1 as suggested.

Thank You! :slight_smile: