Node went offline WebODM lightning

Out of curiosity, is there anything unique about those test images listed in the log? Did you capture them with a drone using a flight planner?

Does the task show up still as running if you access the dashboard at Drone & UAV Mapping Software | WebODM?

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Regarding to the name tes of photos, theres is nothing special with ttha, DJI Image Folder supports only 999 images, and the flight took 1307 photos. So I renamed it to store them in the same folder. DJI.001 to DJI 999.

I’m using GSP from DJI. I took several flights with 600 photos and 1400 photos, but from a date till know has been so diffcult to generate my orthopotos. My idea was to use webOdm lighning as my main software to generate the orhtophotos, but it has been difficult to use it in this way. I don’t want to move to another software and this is why I have been trying different options and retry’s.

If I look my dashboard right now I see this:


It’s strange that it´s showing node went offline after 2:3x minutes in two of my processes.

Thanks for your help

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Can you share your datasets on

Hi Im not using drobeDB yet . I can share a link of one drive folder

Could you please share your email with me?.


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The last process I have sent finished after 24 hrs of process :D. This is good news.



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