Node-odm-1 seems to be offline with WebODM on MacBook Pro

Installed my copy of WebODM on iMac (2017 machine with 8GiB ram) to try it, and all goes well.
Next logged out and installed same files on MacBook Pro (2017 machine with latest OSX and 16GiB ram)
Allocated 12GiB with Docker
Than trie to upload some photos but I reached a node-odd-1 error
Checked on the WebODM menu and see al message : “node-odm-1:300 seems to be offline”
Done some tentative to add a new user with appropriated permission as suggested from the app
Nothing happened and now the webODM do not recognize my usual credential to logging in
Try to reset from WebODM manager from File menu but doesn’t work.

So at now:

  • WebODM on iMac (first installation) with 6GiB out of 8 and all goes well 4 project positively tested and online
  • WebODM on MacBook Pro (second installation of same files) with 12GiB out of 16 allocated by Docker and firs login with same UserId and Password and nothing worked beginning with the node-dm-1 error to the unavailability of the credential.

Any help?

BTW I am not so used to command line so please be patient


I reply to myself and for everyone interested in this topic: all goes well uninstalling WebODM seeking instruction and reinstalling it from scratch.
So obviously was my installation mistake.



Hi, i´m having the same problem “node-odm-1 seems to be offline.” But i did not change anything. Do you think uninstalling WebODM seeking instruction and reinstalling it from scratch will solve the problem. How can i do it? Thanks.


Restart WebODM (useful if things get stuck)

$ cd WebODM
$ ./ restart