Node-ODM-1 seems to be offline & Max images count exceeded

Hi, I’m new here, I started using webODM and managed to put about 300 photos into 2 orthophotos. When I tried to assemble the third one, there were errors such as:
0) Node-ODM-1 semms to be offline

  1. Max images count exceeded.
  2. Node-ODM-1 semms to be offline
  3. Unauthorized. Do you need to set a token? - this error disappeared on the next attempt and reappeared 1) Max images count exceeded.

I’m using Oracle VM Virtualbox and Docker Qiuckstart Terminal / Windows 11 Home Edition

please help, how to solve this problem?

For Max images count exceeded.: make sure you are using node-odm-1 as a processing node and not Auto, which is probably sending the task to Lightning (for which you probably don’t have sufficient credits).

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