No share link for WebODM projects on windows 10 installation

Hi guys,

I have installed the webodm on my windows 10 laptop using the windows installer. Everything worked out fine except for the sharing project part. The normal share link I get when I have webodm on linux is not showing.

What could be the issue here?

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We’ve sorta-maybe-kinda deprecated/hidden that for now, as it causes way more trouble/confusion than it is worth since it is an internal/LAN sharing link only, anyway.

So the reason the button is hidden is because launching the application currently binds the web server to localhost, so it’s not even visible within the LAN. Since there’s no login in the Windows Native version (one just launches the application, there’s no username/password) allowing LAN access would be a pretty bad security problem.

I’ve opened Enable Web Mode from Desktop App · Issue #1038 · OpenDroneMap/WebODM · GitHub to track an improvement related to this question.

There’s also a workaround explained in Don't have Share Button on 'View Map' feature in windows native


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