No results - empty KML file

I just did a processing in WebODM Lightning, and I decided to set the switch “orthophoto_kmz: True” to see if it made it easier to open the orthophoto in Google Earth. When I try to open the resulting kmz file in Google Earth (macOS), I get the error message “No results - empty KML file.” This is not really a problem for me, I can just open the geotiff in Google Earth, but it seems pointless to have an option for processing if it doesn’t work.

This might not be related, but I discovered that when I saved an orthophoto in Google Earth as a “Super Overlay,” when it came time to re-open the Super Overlay, I couldn’t do so by opening the root kml/kmz file, but had to open a different one of the approximately 48,000 files that Google Earth created when it saved the geotiff as a set of kmz files. This is only to say that perhaps something changed at Google Earth since the “orthophoto_kmz” flag was implemented.

A link to the geotiff and kmz files is here, and will be good until I rearrange the files on my disk:

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