Nira - maybe as Plugin?

Good morning everyone, has anyone seen this?

I am currently adapting the file and using WebODM to create the csv files for the cameras so that the recordings can be displayed. I think Nira can be a nice replacement for Potree though. Maybe there is also the possibility that we implement Nira as a plugin. Unfortunately, I have no idea how that works or whether something like this is possible.

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Pretty neat!

I don’t know though, since it looks like a commercial offering, not a Free/Open-Source software.

As a plugin, it would depend upon their API and what interfaces they expose. It might be too early to tell since they don’t have anything like that published yet.

It is currently in Early Access, but I will continue to monitor it and I would be happy to provide information. I like the measurement in the 3D object very much, because roof areas can also be calculated, which is unfortunately currently not possible with Potree.

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It’s a nice interface with some good features. I have to wonder what the cost is going to be? I’m always looking for an easy interface to share models and data. Not sure if I like it over some of the other offerings available, it does render the same files differently as you can see with my examples below.



I’m one of the co-founders of Glad to see Nira mentioned here, and I’m happy to answer any specific questions.
We’re finalizing our pricing now, and should have that made available soon. I’d be very grateful to hear thoughts on pricing. At what price point (per month) would be too expensive for you to not use Nira?

kconley, the reason the model is rendering differently is because p3D and Nira default to different environment backgrounds so the lighting is different. If you turn off lighting, they should more closely match.


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