NGINX proxy path setup help

hello, I’ve been trying to setup WebODM as path on my nginx.
I have 2 machines, one is local (phenom) and seccond is VPS (Frank).
Phenom hosts WebODM, Frank hosts NGINX and wireguard for reverse proxy.

My goal is to be able to paste http://frank/odm and get http://frank/odm/login
What im stuck at is whenever I paste http://frank/odm, I receive http://frank/login with 404 error message.

My nginx config looks like soo:

server {
        listen 80;
        listen [::]:80;

        server_name frank;

        location /test/ {
                proxy_pass http://phenom:80/test/;
        location /odm {
                proxy_pass http://phenom:8000;

Any ideas?

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I think a few other folks have worked on similar setups here.

Have you searched the forum to see if anything helps?

I’ve searched, and all pointed to using subdomain, with is not easy in my situation.

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Can you provide more information about what that won’t work and what you’ve tried incase anyone with the know-how comes across your thread?

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