Newbie questions for quality report

A) Documentation for Newbie. were are a help document that explains the quality report generated by WebODM?
B) can information on flight height and horizontal and vertical overlap of the photos be added to the report?.

B) is important for change parameters in response the crash feeback after 2 hours of process with a basic equipment with little ram … but it seems that it is a problem of updating the new versions, the same set of photographs that worked with the previous ones fails with the current ones … in any case the warning of incorrect data acquisition appears in the message UH UH.


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Personal opinion based on the posts I’m seeing here: there might be a regression in 45.

Best way to get it fixed: post your dataset and processing parameters, the version it works on and the version it doesn’t. This gives the developers a good test case to discern the source of the difference between the two and possibly find a solution.


Sorry but i have a little big chaos with the versions because i try to work with a old laptop with only 4 gb, i have working odm native on windows and also webodm and do a ubuntu partition on another hd, odm run better on june version compared with actual ,15 days ago, its stoped on poisson.exe also with web odm but i not sure if a update off win10 can affect because the laptop refuse to do the last win update, the idea was to do a basic data-set to run odm and flavours with low ram and comercial low cost drones for training pourposes , fimi x8 2020. How the error messages are related to ram, and data quality ,my interest is to interpret the information in the webodm report of the old data set, but the info of the report is difficult to understand to newbies.
Thanks by your replyCaptura2

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A) On my to-do list!

B) Probably. We are tracking this feature request already. No idea on when it might be added.

Thanks and waiting to the ODM clever developers(OCD) and the extensionists(E) as you to understand to OCD by boomers users (BU).


OCD -----E-------BU

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Please see this post for a good starter while I write up something for us :slight_smile:

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Thanks i Will read it soon, today it’s a Sunny day after 5 days of raining with floods in North of Spain

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