Newbie-Questions: Access WebODM on LAN/Option to pause a task?



First i‘d like to appologise for possible double posts. If there is one, please just point me in the right direktion.

As a newbie, i have two questions:
First I‘m having problems accessing WebODM from another PC in my LAN. I‘m using Docker-Toolbox on a windows Machine. The problem is, that I don‘t know how the DockerVM-Host-Configuration works. Using my PCs LAN-Adress doesn‘t work, port 8000 is forwarded on my PC. I’m definitely missing something, but because i dont know a lot about Docker and WebODM, I dont know what. Anyway, accessing WebODM from the „Server“- PC works without any problem by using the Local IP of Docker.
My second question is: Is it possible to pause a task and restart it later without loosing the progress? I‘d like to shut my PC down over night, when processing a big task.

Thank you for your answers!


By default docker already exposes its services to your LAN interfaces. Perhaps you have a firewall configured that is blocking?

You can interrupt a task mid way through and resume it later - sort of - if you shutdown WebODM the task should remain stored and resume from the last step when you restart WebODM, but it’s not an officially supported feature and things might not work as expected.