Newbie here!

Hi! people! :slight_smile:

  • What do you do?
    I am a Mechatronics Engineer from Paraguay. I’ve been working on image processing and drones for a year.
  • How did you get into drones?
    I got involved when I started my thesis.
  • How are you using/hoping to use the software?
    I hope I can use it to take measures. I would also like to contribute to the project.
  • What are you working on currently? Any projects you’d like to share or talk about?
    Now, I am doing an MSc. in electronics and also working as a researcher at university, where I need to apply aerial photogrammetry using drones, so I chose ODM as it is open source.

Hey @Marcos_Gomez_Redondo :slight_smile: welcome!!

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Work for a landscape company and need multiple properties around Montgomery County,MD mapped. Looking for Square footage, elevation changed, etc on every property. Currently have a Mavic 2 pro



Hey Tim, I have a server up and running Webodm latest version if you would like to test any image sets out on. Let me knowif you are interested in seeing the results of odm before you invest the time if you havent already.