Newbie here - Quality Report - how?

Hi everyone!
Newbie here… and very new to everything mostly. I have almost nil IT abilities as well ))
So, just understanding what a docker is was troublesome

But I’m loving the WebODM platform for the little I saw and the capabilities it has.

I have one question which may sound very stupid; how can I generate a Quality Report?
Where’s the button?
I see it’s a new feature but I can’t seem to understand how to do it.

Thanks to whoever could help me out

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Docker, containerization, microservices… Blegh! Haha. Don’t feel bad. It’s a lot.

As for the quality report, it should be automatically generated when you run a processing job to completion, and it should be in the ODM_reporting folder. It’ll be a PDF alongside some other fun data like camera locations, etc.

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Hah thank you Saijin!) Indeed, it’s like a martian language to me )
Ok, I’ll check how to do them then, Thank You so much for the prompt reply!

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