New version 2.1.0 can not process data set


I came across the same error message running missions which used to pass easily in v1.x. This has happened in over 10 different data sets so far. Error is always:
[ERROR] The program could not process this dataset using the current settings...

where just prior to that one can see this:

I used basic default params except I upped the --min-num-features to 15000 instead of the default 8000. Using 30000 in some missions also didn’t help.

The overlap is not a mighty 80% but more towards 65% but that was never an issue in v1.x as much as it is here. Data is from a grove - so fairly homogeneous but still was solvable previously.

The data is attached in the link + log file. Maybe someone can reproduce?
This has failed in odm 2.1.0 and WebODM with engine version 2.1.1 as well.


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