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Hi, I am a civil engineering student, Chilean and I speak little English so I apologize for the translation. (it’s from google)
I am starting to work on my degree project or thesis and I was commissioned to learn how to use this software to use the structure from motion technique in 3D modeling of experimental models in the area of alluvial geomorphology.
I am very interested in participating in the community, but I would like to be sure that I am starting in a good way.
I have a first question:
To install LiveODM and use WebODM in Windows 10 Pro, ¿just install “Oracle VM VirtualBox”, create a virtual machine based on Ubuntu and then load the iamgen ISO “OpenDroneMap”?

I will be very grateful if you could help me

Bienvenido! No se preocupe por su inglés. Google y usted lo están haciendo muy bien.

Is there a reason why you are using LiveODM and not just running through docker on windows? @pierotofy may have other recommendations, but a good place to start in getting the environment up and running on Windows is here:

This will get WebODM running on Windows without having to boot to LiveODM.

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Thanks for you answer.
I tried use docker but i had problem in process (When open Docker, there is a error). Other person helpe me with the inslatation then i thought virtualbox to emulate Linux was the only way to use OpenDroneMap in Windows as i’ve the ISO file in my power. i’ll try again whit your information!

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