New user questions (octree, nadir ortho and uv/texture)

Hi guys good evening, i’m a new user of webodm and after some test, both with aerofotogrammetry (from uav with gcp) end close range, i’ve some question to ask to all of you.
Premise that i’m experienced with other photogrammetry softwares.

1 - i don’t get the connection between the depth maps resolution and the octree options, there is a good combination of this two parameters? for example setting 50% res on depth maps what would be (for a 20mpx image) the right octree?

2 - ive noted that the ortmosaic is really defined but not perfectly nadir on some objects. Any suggestion to improve that?

3- on the mesh side i have some problem understanding the texturing process, there is any option to define how to create the UV map or the texture(s) resolution?

(link to other two images

Welcome to OpenDroneMap! :wave:

Depthmaps resolution → How large are the depthmap images (larger → more points in the point cloud)

Octree depth → How much detail should your mesh have (more → more details)

A good combination depends on your scene. Start from the defaults, tweak as necessary.

The biggest one is to fly higher! For other tips: Flying Tips — OpenDroneMap 2.9.1 documentation

No there’s no options to control how the UV maps/textures are generated. What’s your goal?


This often occurs near the edges of the imaged area, I suspect due to more images being taken on one side of the objects than the side near the outer edge of the area of interest.
Solution would be to image a wider idea and crop back to the area you need.

reduce the number of textures, there are really a lot of them.
i could do this in blender but if there is a way in webodm i’ll make a try!

Currently there’s not, but keep an eye on Add option to export OBJs using a single material · Issue #1525 · OpenDroneMap/ODM · GitHub

I hope in the future will see something like reality capture, with tools for define/check the texel size and define the number of texture and the resolution :smiley:

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