New to WebODM


I got interested in mapping with a drone this week and found the WebODM project. I have a deployment humming along and have crunched the Toledo and Caliterra sample image sets. I am looking forward to processing an image set of my own very soon.

I’m an IT Professional with a focus on Networking. I dabble in the other IT disciplines and this has been helpful in getting WebODM operating this week.

I am interested in aerial photography to capture a new perspective of my surroundings. I started out with a couple of inexpensive toys but finally made the leap to a Mavic Air last month.

I am not working on anything in particular at the moment but I am interested in documenting some of the changes occurring in the area on a more micro level as far as physical and temporal scope. Some of that could be in maps.

I’ve had a great experience so far with the project and and happy to join the community.

North Carolina


Great - welcome! The IT background definitely helps.

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Hey @Pircs :hand: welcome!!

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