New to the site. Does anyone know how to fix water areas on ortho maps? Using Dji Terra for processing, might run it in Pix4D mapper

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This is a mine that I am mapping. Its about 1200 acres. 8,000 + images. This is a screenshot of the quality report. Not the finished product. I need to have a tiff file and jpeg, png. Part of the project is for an overlay on Google Earth. I need to do something with the water tiles that arent there.

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Can this be done here? I think the project is too large. But anyone know how to remedy the water “holes” in the map? I know that water is hard to map. Some area where there was 30% of land etc. the water came out fine. It was the lage bodies of water at the mine that are blank. I know there is a way to manually insert each photos but that is a ton of photos. I was thinking of a way to use a lasso tool in photoshop or something, which could work for a photo, but I dont think that will work for a Google Map overlay, tiff file. Help!

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You can try using --feature-quality ultra, increasing min-num-features to something like 128000, increasing matcher-neighbors to something like 32 or 64, potentially setting feature-type to HAHOG… But at the end of the day, if the water had spectral reflections, you’re not likely to get much reconstruction, unfortunately.

Unfortunately water is really difficult because there are no reference points, ripples mean that any reference point is moving. However, there is a solution! In QGIS you can georeference the water photos, annoyingly this will be very time consuming if you have several hundred water photos.

Apparently Vertical Photo Placer used to be able to do this for you to a degree, but I never tried it, there’s a bit of discussion here: photogrammetry - Drone aerial imagery to QGIS - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange

Because it’s water and there’s very little that needs to match with you can use far fewer photos to paste in and cover the gaps.

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